Posting a Job

Posting a job is simple. Just click the post a job button and follow the step-by-step instructions on the form. To update a job post, or analyzing your job analytics is just as simple – click on the job posting to view and edit all aspects of your post.


  • Job Title - Post a brief description. The title will appear as a heading in search results. 


  • Job Location - Let candidates know what local area or region you're looking to hire in. Enter city, and state or zipcode for your next big hire.  .


  • Job Type - Choose whether you need a Full time, Part Time , Contracted or Temporary/Seasoned Employee.


  • Categories - Choose a specific category to target a specific audience towards your job offer.


  • Description -  Enter a detailed description about the job offer, about your company, benefits offered if any, salary, etc. Th

       Please Note: Try to be as detailed as possible in this section. This is to ensure your job offer has quality content to be eligible for job inclusion on outside job boards. Please provide a minimum of 180 characters when attracting potential candidates with your job description

  •  Company URL - E.g (optional)


  • Company logo - Upload a logo. Let your brand be noticed. (optional)


  • How To Apply - Choose how you want applicants to apply to your job listing. The two options are a url redirect to your company website or have applications sent directly to your email. 

        Employer emails always remain hidden from public view.


  • Contact Email - For internal use only, this email will not display anywhere on the site.




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